Dec. 8, 2022

Saying No, Embracing Lifelong Relationships, Creating Your "Awesome Sauce" and our WOW, Christy Belz!

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How often do we say "Yes", when we know we should say "No"? Shā reminds us how important it is to say "No" unless it's a "Hell Yes"! Sunny's parents celebrate their 49th wedding anniversary. Married or not, do you have someone (perhaps a good friend) you can share life with? Lindsay hangs out with a 5-star chef and realizes creating an "awesome sauce" in the kitchen is very similar to how we create our own "Awesomesauce" as humans. What is it that makes your sauce amazing? And Betsy introduces us to our WOW, Christy Belz, author of the book "Oh God of Second Chances, Here I Am Again".

Get to know Lindsay, Sunny, Betsy, and Shā as we share personal life moments that uplift and support women all over the world! Come hang out with us at!