Jan. 12, 2023

Life is Beautiful, Reset the New Year, Appreciating Others and our WOW, Music Teacher Amanda Miller!

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We believe life is beautiful, and it's really all about your perspective. Betsy asks, what small things in your life create beauty each day? The new year brings new resolutions, which are really an opportunity for a reset. Shā is curious to know which things you want to reset in your life. 2, 4, 6, 8... who do you appreciate? Seriously though, it's important to recognize the people in your life that are making a difference. Lindsay encourages us to think about someone in our life that deserves special recognition. Plus, Sunny introduces us to our WOW woman of the week, Amanda Miller, who absolutely loves connecting children with music!

Get to know Lindsay, Sunny, Betsy, and Shā as we share personal life moments that uplift and support women all over the world! Come hang out with us at https://underwiredlive.com!